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Civil Right Defense Firm, P.C.

When Joshua Prince, Esq., founded Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C. (“CRDF”), he did so with one goal in mind: To zealously defend his clients’ inalienable rights against all forms of injustice by state and federal entities. From handling civil rights actions, pursuant to Section 1983, when state actors violate an individual’s Constitutional rights to class-action lawsuits against entities that disclose confidential license to carry firearms applicant information, Civil Rights Defense Firm is steadfastly dedicated to the protection of YOUR rights. Unlike others, we aren’t fearful of suing the police and U.S. Government. In fact, Joshua Prince has a proven track record of holding the state and federal governments responsible.

In this vein, we formed the Firearms Industry Consulting Group and Cannabis Industry Law Group, both divisions of CRDF, devoted to providing innovative legal solutions for the Firearms and Cannabis Industries.

When YOUR rights are on the line, Civil Rights Defense Firm will be there to stand by your side and fight the government. If you want to know more about the civil rights cases that we handle, please see our page on civil rights deprivations. For all the areas of firearms law that we handles, please see our Firearms Industry Consulting Group page.