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Welcome to the Civil Rights Defense Firm

Welcome to the Civil Rights Defense Firm

Have your Constitutional or statutory rights been trampled by state or federal authorities? Are you tired of your Rights being eroded, while publicly elected officials are seemingly creating new rights for themselves and the other around them on a daily basis? If so and you’re not ready to give them YOUR God-given Rights, then you’ve found the law firm that is not only prepared, but dedicated to defending YOUR inalienable rights. When other attorneys are fearful of suing state and federal authorities because of the ramifications, you can rest assured that Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C. will not back down and will not be intimidated by such threats. In fact, on numerous occasions, Chief Counsel Joshua Prince has successfully fought both the state and federal governments and obtained sizable settlements and verdicts for his clients.

When YOUR Rights are on the line, Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C. is prepared to be there by your side. Unlike other law firms, we aren’t fearful of the state and federal governments.

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